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Frank's Chop House Has a New Owner

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Frank's Interior
Frank's Interior
Frank's Chop House/Google+

Frank Crapitto has sold his River Oaks area steakhouse Frank's Chop House to Michael and Chris Shine, a father and son who both have extensive experience in the restaurant industry. Michael Shine, who was looking to purchase a restaurant and is friends with Crapitto, owns the restaurant consulting firm Texas Food Group. He is also an immediate past president of the Greater Houston Restaurant Association. Chris Shine will serve as general manager after working for P.F. Chang's and Pappas Restaurants.

On her webpage, TV and radio host Cleverley Stone provides additional details on the transition. Chef Albert Estrada will remain, but Shine plans to add more seafood items to the menu. From those comments, it does not sound as though fans of the restaurant's chicken fried steak, which ranked 56 when former Houston Press critic Robb Walsh ranked his 100 favorite dishes back in 2010, should be too concerned.

As for Crapitto's namesake Italian restaurant near Highland Village, not only is it not for sale, but he tells Stone he will soon announce renovations to expand the restaurant's space.

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Frank's Chop House

3736 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77027