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Diner Says TQLA Waiter Tried to Fight Him

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A Reddit user had not such a fun experience at Washington Avenue Southwestern spot TQLA last weekend, and he's letting the world know about it. It sounds like he wasn't in the easiest dining group—there were 10 people in his party on five different tabs and they tried to send back their appetizers when they came at the same time as the entrees. But what starts as a run of the mill crappy restaurant experience (rude service, messed up drink orders, incorrect change) escalates when the waiter allegedly approaches the diner and asks him to take it outside.

Here, the full complaint, complete with a bathroom confrontation and supposed "eye fucking":

So the past weekend we went to a restaurant for dinner with my gf and her friends for her birthday. We had about 10 people and had about 5 different tabs which all included an 18% minimum tip.

The service was terrible, the server was incredibly rude and would always response with some kind of sarcasm when we asked questions about the menu. He took the wrong drink orders twice and blamed us for getting them wrong. Brought all the apps and entrees at the same time and got upset when we said we didnt want the apps anymore. My friend payed in cash and when he brought back change, there was no receipt. She was going to leave him the 5 dollars on top of the 18% tip and was expecting to see the 5 bucks and some change back. When the server came back there was no receipt and only 4 bucks and change there. She asked him to see the receipt to see if she had miscalculated cause she expected 5 dollars and then some back. Instead of saying something along the lines of ill go check or something accommodating like that, the dude got irritated and said that he threw away the receipt and pulled out his wallet and said "how about i just give you a dollar if you want it that bad".

That pissed us all off so we didnt leave any extra tip. I wrote down "NOPE!" on my receipt in the additional tip line. when i went to use the men's room before leaving, he tapped my shoulder as i was washing my hands and goes. U think ur pretty funny with that tip dont you? why dont we step outside so I can show you how funny i can be?

Im like WTF? called the manager over and told him her server wanted to fight me cause I didnt tip him. explained the whole situation to her while the dude was just eye fucking me the whole time. other servers had to calm him down cause he kept trying to interrupt me when i was talking to the manager. I declined all their gift cards cause fuck i dont wanna come back to a place where the staff is gonna shank me.

The post on Reddit already has over a thousand comments, mostly on other bad restaurant or service industry experiences, but Eater readers, please do weigh in on the complaint. Perhaps no one was on their best behavior.
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