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Eatsie Boys Ryan Soroka Learns to Lock Up His Bike

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Eatsie Boys co-owner Ryan Soroka learned on Friday that preventing people from stealing shit requires constant vigilance; as he tweeted on Friday, a thief stole his bicycle on Friday. Soroka filled Eater in on the details.

When the Eatsie Boys are stationed at Agora Cafe, Soroka usually brings his bicycle to get away for a bit or visit the other trucks serving food along Westheimer. As he sat on Agora's patio, he saw a "meth head looking guy" grab his unlocked bicycle and begin to flee. Soroka attempted to give chase, but between the 15 foot head start and wheels vs feet, the thief got away. After calling the police, Soroka started visiting local pawn shops. Sure enough, within 30 minutes he found his bike.

While the cops offered to seize the bike, the process would have dragged on for months. Soroka wanted the bike back immediately. Seeing no alternative, he paid $50 to get his bike back. For those who think Montrose is turning into Sugar Land, rest assured that it's still plenty wild.

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