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NFL Star Adrian Peterson Arrested at Downtown Club Live! at Bayou Place

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The Houston Police Department arrested Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson early Saturday morning at the Live! at Bayou Place nightclub and charged him with resisting arrest. According to reports, Peterson shoved an officer who was working as security at the club after the officer instructed Peterson and his group to leave the club.

In a story written yesterday, the Houston Chronicle provides an account from HPD regarding the incident. An officer working security in the club asked Peterson and his friends to leave the club, because it was closing. The officer made his way through the club giving similar instructions to other parties. When he saw Peterson and his friends were still in the club, he again instructed them to leave and turned his back to the group. Peterson allegedly shouted at the officer that they had heard him and shoved him from behind.

The officer then informed Peterson he was under arrest. Peterson struggled until two other officers, one of whom was also working as security at the club, handcuffed him and facilitated the arrest. According to the Criminal Complaint filed with the Harris County District Clerk, Peterson shoved HPD officer J. Alvarez with his hands, which triggered the arrest.

Peterson has been charged with resisting arrest stemming from the incident. He was released on a $1,000 bond Saturday afternoon.

Naturally, TMZ has comments from the club's general manager Daniel Maher, who said that Peterson was extremely intoxicated and angry that the club would not serve him a drink after closing. When Maher attempted to calm him down, Peterson became "unreasonable" and Maher asked the officer to intervene.

TMZ also has a blurry, hard to follow video of the incident that shows someone being arrested and a bunch of HPD officers and bouncers moving people away from the scene of the arrest.

On his twitter feed, Chronicle sports columnist Jerome Solomon expressed skepticism about HPD's version of events, writing "I've never seen nor heard of a person pushing a police officer who had turned away. Not even on "Cops." ... Just sayin'." Solomon went on to point out that HPD has a history of arresting athletes, citing incidents when they arrested two New York Mets in 1986 and a member of the Seattle Sonics in 1987.

Peterson's only comments on the incident are two tweets. He wrote, "Thank you for waiting for the facts. Truth will surface."

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Live! at Bayou Place

530 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX 77002