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Advice for Houston Restaurant Weeks

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Houston Restaurant Weeks kicked off yesterday, and, with over 150 restaurants participating, the choices can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, since the fundraising effort contributes $5 from every from three course, $35 menus to the Houston Food Bank, it's worth the time to pick at least one restaurant to visit. Thankfully, every blog in town is offering helpful advice to help diners sort through the available options and pick the restaurant that best suits their needs.

EATING OUR WORDSHouston Press critic Katharine Shilcutt offers the most comprehensive entry with this four page post that breaks down the restaurants into categories such as Room With a View, Italian Stallions and Stellar Seafood.

CULTUREMAP— For anyone looking for brunch options during HRW, which are a very reasonable $20, this list compares all five restaurants offering it.

URBAN SWANK— This list of 10 selections is broken down into three categories: four New Restaurants, three Tried and True and three Oldies but Goodies.

Finally, new this year for Houston Restaurant Weeks is a text to donate program. To contribute $10 to the Houston Food Bank, text HRW to 20222.