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An Ode to Himalaya's Kaiser Lashkari in Verse

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Welcome back to Front and Center: a week-long series dedicated to highlighting excellent Front of House staff. Rachel Brill is an Eater Contributor. Today, she pays tribute to the way Himalaya chef/owner Kaiser Lashkari made her first visit very memorable.

829Kaiser250.jpgIt all started with five 20-something girls craving something spicy and hot.
The Eater 38 and 59 south led them to this much revered Indian spot.
While it is named for the colossal range Himalaya, the restaurant size is rather quaint.
They never would have guessed the approaching owner would be such a saint.

Immediately seated and just as quickly perplexed by the menu,
Kaiser overheard their confusion and promptly came to the rescue.
He decided to remove each of their menus and speak to them one by one.
He helped each choose her entree and spiciness level while poking some fun.

The food arrived and each dish was as delicious as the one before.
Kaiser kept a close watch to ensure that they were being properly cared for.
The five 20-something girls ate until they couldn't eat anymore.
Every plate's contents were obliterated as if it were the aftermath of a war.

Kaiser was impressed with their eating performance and nicknamed them Charlie's Angels.
He even allowed to them to pay separately (just this once) as he bid them farewell.
The girls were all in agreement that Kaiser's patience and assistance were one of a kind,
And they will always return to Himalaya when they are in a hot and spicy state of mind.

· Himalaya Restaurant & Catering [Offiicial Page]
· Rachel Brill [Twitter]

Himalaya Restaurant

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6652 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074