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Customers Wait for Laure at Molina's

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Front and Center is Eater's week-long series dedicated to highlighting excellent Front of House staff. Having already featured one half of blogging duo Urban Swank, it's time to turn to Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan for her favorite, Laure Miles at Molina's Cantina.

831FeliceLaura250.jpgWhen Urban Swank was asked who our favorite service person is, it was a hard decision to make, because we have about three we think are rock stars. So like any other team of two would do, we each picked one!

Now the selection became an easy choice for me, since my person has been my favorite for 20 years. Laure Miles of Molina's Cantina is the freakin' BEE KNEES! Customers love her so much that she has a cult like following. No, really, she does! We have followed her from the old Highway 6 location in West Houston (which closed several years ago), to the Bissonnet location (which closed when HEB purchased that space), to the Westheimer Rd. location, and now to the new Bellaire location.

Why have we followed her with each move across Houston? I guess it would be for the same reason that, if you go to Molina's on a Friday or Saturday night, folks are willing to wait an extra hour or so just to sit in her section. Yes, folks, she is that awesome! It is like having dinner with an old friend or a family member (that you actually like), because she personalizes your experience. She wants you to enjoy the experience as much as the food and feels that both are equally as important.

Did I mention that after all these years she still knows exactly what and how I order my food and drinks?!?! I must also admit that the Molina's location on Washington is my least favorite, but that has nothing to do with the food and everything to do with Laure. No Laure, no me!

I have been rocking out the Enchiladas De Tejas with this lady ever since I was a young girl. She has been there for every milestone in my life and remembers them as well. She gives five star service to all her customers, and we appreciate it. Thanks Eater, for this opportunity to give her a public shout out.

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Molina's Cantina

3801 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77025