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Nundini, Shepherd Park Draught House, and More

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Nundini's Chef Table/Facebook

Filling in for a vacationing Katharine Shilcutt, Jeremy Parzen finds that the food at Nundini Chef's Table Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar doesn't match the expectations established by the Italian decor and owner's strong Italian roots. "As much as I wanted to love Nundini, there's a glaring and sadly regrettable disconnect between Nundini's expertise and experience and the staff he has running the kitchen ... Houston needs more and better Italian and Italianate food, and I'm looking forward to returning to Nundini as Nundini and his team get their sea legs." [Houston Press]

Although not a formal review, since it just opened, Sarah Rufca is impressed by Mexican restaurant Cuchara. "As for the mole, this half-Mexican declared it the best he'd ever had (though he admitted competition was limited). I loved the power of the tart, slightly earthy tomatillo-based mole — it hung out in my mouth for a while and demanded attention — and the juicy, slow-cooked pork seemed to fall apart just by looking at it." [CultureMap]

The Leader Eater falls hard for the butter-toasted turkey and avocado sandwich at Garden Oaks "beer and burger joint" Shepherd Park Draught House. "The large assortment of ingredients in the Turkey Avocado Melt would never have been able to stay as one unit together in between two regular slices of bread, likely tumbling out the back end after the bread bends under the weight like a diving board while your uncle launches into a cannonball. So by creating that stiff shell of subltly heated butter the whole sandwich was kept intact." [The Leader]

THE BLOGS: Felice from Urban Swank is charmed by the atmosphere at Barbecue Inn but finds their famous fried chicken to be underseasoned. Hank On Food takes on the massive burger on Washington Ave hotspot Kung Fu's new food menu.

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