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Visits to the Burger Barn, BAC and Fratelli's

OAK FOREST— Arbitrary Critic Catherine Martin pays a visit to the Little Bitty Burger Barn which she dubs the Burger Barn "because it's shorter and less annoying." As usual, she has nothing to say about the food but is repulsed by the presence of a stuffed bird in the dining room. Also, there's something her new bathroom scale. [Arbitrary Criticism]

MONTROSE— Everyone's visiting Brooklyn Athletic Club this week. This write-up focuses on the lunch menu with strong praise for chef Jeff Axline's Reuben sandwich. [Sidedish]

TIMBERGROVE— The Leader Eater visits Fratelli's Authentic Italian Cuisine Restaurant and finds it to be the perfect spot for a winter dinner. "Fratelli's handmade pasta ... puts this Italian eatery in a league of its own. The uneven and robust texture of the Tagliatelle ... showcased its rustic production process and gave the dish an extra punch of authenticity." [The Leader]

Little Bitty Burger Barn

5503 Pinemont Drive, Houston, TX 77092 713 683 6700

Brooklyn Athletic Club

601 Richmond Avenue, , TX 77006 (713) 527-4440 Visit Website