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David Grossman Sells Branch Water Tavern Space

Gary R Wise

In a press release issued today, Branch Water Tavern chef David Grossman announced that he has sold the restaurant's space to a new ownership group headed by Bistro des Amis's Matt Brice. Brice has asked Grossman to stay at Branch Water for the next two months to manage the transition, after which Brice will rename the restaurant and install a new menu. Grossman retains the "Branch Water" name and hopes to find a new space to put it on soon.

Grossman explains that he's only making this move because he received an offer he didn't think he could refuse. "All of my investors are getting paid," he said. The move leaves him with enough capital to reopen Branch Water in another location. Grossman tells the Chronicle's Greg Morago that he wants Branch Water's next itineration to be less expensive "to make it accessible to a broader clientele." Grossman says he's looked at several spaces, including one outside the loop, and hopes to have more to announce soon.

In addition, the move will enable Grossman to assist his fiancee Julia Sharaby in developing brick and mortar locations of her Fusion Taco truck. He says that City of Houston regulations make it "incredibly difficult to sell on the street. It's much more feasible for us to be in a freestanding space." Although Sharaby developed Fusion Taco's menu, Grossman says that he will be "directly involved" in crafting the food for the fixed locations.

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Branch Water Tavern

510 Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77007