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A Look Inside Moon Tower Inn, Finally Reopened

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Now with 66 taps
Now with 66 taps

[Gary R Wise]

Last night, Moon Tower Inn, Houston's foremost source for cheap craft beer and meat in tube form, reopened to customers for the first time. It marks the end of a 15 month remodeling process that was only supposed to take five months. Co-owner Brandon Young says of the process, "we jumped through a lot of hoops and most of them were on fire." Regardless of the reasons for the delays, Moon Tower is back and better than ever.

Although the kitchen is approximately the same size as before, there are two major additions. The first is the expansion to 66 taps , which raises Moon Tower to the Petrol Station/Hay Merchant level as a craft beer destination. In addition, there is a now an on-site brewing facility with two, three-and-a-half barrel fermentation tanks. These house brews won't be ready at opening; expect to see them in the next four to six weeks.

The new tap wall, kitchen and brewhouse are made from shipping containers and reclaimed building materials. For example, Young says that the metal siding used to be a barn on the Stephen F Austin University campus, and there are wooden planks from a Louisiana slaves' quarters. With the upcoming addition of a natural gas-powered generator, Young says the restaurant will be "hurricane and zombie proof." Local artist Dual contributed the slogan above the taps. "Everybody who worked on this is really proud of it," Young adds.

When food service resumes on Wednesday, the menu will feature the same mix of wild game sausages and burgers that Moon Tower served prior to the remodel, but Young has plans to add a new range with a broiler that could help him diversify the menu in the future. There will also be bimonthly crawfish boils. If all goes according to plan, Young will eventually add a smokehouse and start serving barbecue.

Now that would be a frenzy.

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