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What Are Your Favorite Chain Restaurants

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Beck's Prime is one local chain that does a good job
Beck's Prime is one local chain that does a good job
Gary R Wise

In a Facebook comment on the recently updated Eater 38, someone asked about the omission of the Cheesecake Factory. Although there will never be a place for a national chain on the 38, that doesn't mean that chain restaurants are worthless. After all, local chains like Becks Prime and Pappasito's serve food that's excellent in their respective categories, and the national steakhouse Del Frisco's packs diners in every night.

For the purposes of this post, let's define "chain" to mean any restaurant with three or more locations that have the same name, menu and decor. Whether they're guilty pleasures or part of your regular dining rotation, share your favorites with us either in the comments or via the tipline. We'll compile the best responses in a post next week.

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