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Thelma's Bar-B-Que Has Closed, Replaced by Abdel's

Local barbecue expert J.C. Reid tweeted today that Thelma's Bar-B-Que has closed and been replaced by a new trailer named Abdel's BBQ. A tweet from Abdel's confirms that the change took place approximately 10 days ago. Attempts to reach Abdel by phone were unsuccessful, and Reid told Eater Houston that he doesn't know why Thelma's closed.

Although Thelma's earned fame nationally when it appeared on a PBS special highlighting America's best sandwiches, the restaurant had a mixed reputation locally. Perhaps the restaurant's reputation for my way or the highway service finally outstripped its reputation for serving delicious food. In an article from 2010, Chronicle critic Alison Cook described Thelma as "cantankerous" and noted that ordering sauce on the side came with a $2 upcharge.

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Abdel's BBQ Trailer [Photo credit: jceidtx/Instagram]

Thelma's Bar-B-Que

3755 Southmore Boulevard, Houston, TX 77004