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Welcome to Whale Week: A Celebration of Excess

This week Eater will be celebrating "Whales," an industry term for people who like to spend a lot of money on food and drink. Celebrating a birthday with an annual trip to Vic & Anthony's doesn't make one a whale. We're talking about the people who dine at steakhouses every week and occasionally splurge on a four or five figure bottle of wine. Or the diner who told a local chef that spending $600 on a 20oz Kobe beef steak was "baby money."

During this week, we'll offer guides on Houston's most luxurious meals, explore a restaurant's $6,000,000 plus wine cellar, suggest where one can engage in some whale watching and more. Meanwhile, if you have a story of dining excess to share, drop us a note on the tipline. Anonymity is always guaranteed if it's requested.

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