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Izakaya-Wa to Open in the Memorial Area This Week


In August Swamplot reported that a new Japanese establishment was in the works over in the Memorial area. It seems those suspicions were true, since Izakaya-Wa is set to start serving customers this Wednesday (October 16), according to Facebook group Ramen in Common member Carl Rosa, who has already sampled the food. It will offer a traditional izakaya setting, which is essentially a cocktail/sake-forward establishment that serves a variety of tapas to accompany the food. Rosa offers readers his review of a special eight-course tasting menu and writes that the spot's owner Akira Asano assisted his waitstaff during the hectic preview dinner. It seems that the restaurant's proximity to some Japanese corporations will likely encourage a strong Japanese following. Rosa says that the forthcoming Osaka-style restaurant is laid-back and outfitted with a five-seat sushi bar but that "the emphasis is eating small portions, having your share of corresponding drinks and good conversation."
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12665 Memorial Dr, Houston TX 77024