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Saturday Night's Preview of Upcoming Bar Little Dipper

The owners of Poison Girl, Black Hole and Antidote, Scott Repass, Dawn Callaway, Miriam Carrillo and Scott Walcott hosted a preview party for their upcoming bar Little Dipper on Saturday night. The party was packed, and unlike many bar previews, this one was less industry heavy, with many familiar Black Hole and Antidote patrons who will likely have a new hangout bar. The décor is eclectic but decidedly more polished than Poison Girl while maintaining that bar's signature eclectic touch. The abbreviated menu featured a little of everything, from sparkling wine to bourbon and cans of Blanche de Bruxelles. This event was part of an entire downtown multi-spot neighborhood party with upcoming El Big Bad's own preview and several new spots in that neighborhood seeing their tiny spaces packed to capacity (literally, in some cases). The owners aren't releasing an opening date just yet, but we'll update as soon as they host the next preview event. Here's hoping that they keep "Wallpaper" stenciled on the wall.
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Little Dipper

304 Main Street Houston, Texas 77002