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Drink Pink Beer for Charity; Camerata Hosted a Pop-Up

POP-UP WIRE— The Houston Press' Mai Pham writes up some hanogver observations from Sunday night's packed house at Paulie's, where Felipe Riccio showed of his skills at the MangiaMaccheroni pop-up event. [Houston Press]

CHARITY BEER WIRE— In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company is hosting Pink'd this Friday (October 4). They're releasing a special batch of their popular pink beer Summer Ale at the event benefitting The Rose, an organization that helps make breast cancer treatment and prevention accessible to all patients. Tickets are $20 if you buy online and $25 at the door. The price includes entry to the event, "all of the beer you can drink responsibly" and a Mason jar pint glass. Flip 'n Patties will provide food to help soak up all the Buff Brews. [Eaterwire]

FOOD TVAnthony Bourdain tells us how and why we got the New Mexico Frito Pie all wrong. Eater National reports that Bourdain "has corrected a factual mistake he made in his assessment of New Mexico's beloved local dish Frito Pie on the most recent episode of Parts Unknown." [-EN-]

Camerata [Photo Credit/Gary R. Wise]