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An Update on This Year's Oyster Season

Due to high salinity levels, we'll be seeing less oysters this season, which officially begins November 1. Houstonia's Robb Walsh explains that although availability is poor, this season's oysters do look better and plumper than in seasons past. Walsh reports that Jeri's Seafood "has been forced to move oysters from the saltiest lease areas to leases in the East Bay that are closer to fresh water inflows, and that's why so many of the oysters they are shucking look fatter than usual," but that the cost of moving them will mean less good oyster deals around town.

For those who are craving bivalves now head to Lil' Pappas Seafood (3001 S. Shepherd) where a dozen Blue Point oysters will run you just $6.95. Perfect complement to what Pappas chef Michael Gaspard calls "big-as-your fist Florida stone crab and new local craft beers." (They have Karbach's Weisse Versa and Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.'s More Cowbell on tap.) Oyster season ends April 30, and Walsh anticipates that it will peak when the water is cooler in mid-March.
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