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New Sports Bars Opening Up Outside the Loop

After a few of his nightlife spots closed down, Scott Gertner's is poised to make his return former Fountain View location will be replaced sports bar Prospect Park. No word yet on when they're opening, but they're already hiring staff. Tonight (October 25) from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Revolver will host its soft opening for guests to get a taste of what's to come. MasterChef alum James Nelson helped them craft their food menu, and general manager Stephanie Applewhite told Eater earlier this month that it's going to be a "suburban social" comparable to a gastro-pub. Applewhite said that the staff, including owner James Cole, all came from laid-back bar backgrounds, and that they feel like they're returning to that scene with this bar. The Facebook page states that it will primarily be a sports bar, and the oversized booths and screens seem like it'll be a comfortable place to watch a game with great food, too.

Lastly, Sugar Land's The Locker Room recently opened for business at 16227 Lexington Blvd. in Sugar Land. Their site says that they specialize in "Canadian beers such as Molson" and Labatt and "carry Canadian specialty foods such as poutine, Canadian bacon and Tim Horton's coffee." That might help to explain their NHL Game of the Night promotion.
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