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Eater Cocktail Week 2013 Starts Now

Hopefully you've had time to recover from last year's Eater Cocktail Week because it's already time for the next one. Starting today and running through Friday, we'll be focusing on mixed drinks, the people who make them and the places to find them.

We'll be looking for tips and suggestions on your favorite bartenders, bars and cocktails. We'd also like to (anonymously) share some of your best Houston bar stories. Or if you want to rant about some bar trends that need to stop. (Are you loving or hating cocktails on tap and the Fernet craze?) Plus, tell us if there's anything cocktail-related that we might have missed. On the agenda now: sneak peeks into upcoming bars, chats with (and tips from) our favorite bartenders, cocktail discounts and maps on where to go for the best drinks. We'll even be here for you when you need a Texas-sized hangover cure.
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