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Hangover Power Hour: How to Cure What Ails You

Fancy cocktails, not-so-fancy cocktails, Lone Star, craft beer. It all sounds so appealing until the next day when you don't know why your body aches or why your room is moving. And while Pass & Provisions chef/co-owner Terrence Gallivan said that they put BC Powder on their brunch menu for just these sorts of mornings, we know that this isn't a funny matter. Don't worry. We're here for you. Get ready to bookmark some of the posts in this Hangover Power Hour, where we've compiled how the industry pros—some of whom have gotten you to your bad place—offer advice on how to feel better now.

We've asked chefs, bartenders, food and drink reps and readers to tell us what brings them back from the brink of day-death in time to get to do it all over again tonight. Chime in whenever; we're listening.
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