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How the Readers Cure Their Hangovers

Readers share where they go for their hangover cure. Nathan Prihoda goes to Pho Saigon, Koohyar Hasani says that "ph? is easily the greatest hangover cure known to mankind." Why? "It's warm, it's meaty, it's spicy, it has carbs, and you can order it in a gigantic size," Hasani says. "Plus most places that serve ph? don't serve alcohol so you won't be tempted to fight fire with fire." Chelsea Padon: "Fresh baby coconut [at the] Whole Foods produce [section]. You can get a worker to puncture the coconut and drink it straight: hydration station!" She adds, "There was a recent study that tested numerous drinks and Sprite won." Dr. Stefan Gilthorpe offers some near-unintelligible advice: "Opuntia ficus indica extract 5 hours prior to imbibing, then Dextrose 5% 1/2 Normal Saline with thiamine, folic acid, mag and bottoms up!" Jonathan Rodriguez swears by the menudo at La Tapatia, and Leann Field opts for Dona Maria's breakfast tacos.
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