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How the Industry Pros Cure Their Hangovers Part Two

Paula Murphy, co-owner at Patterson & Murphy Public Relations: "Tacos from Tacos Tierra Caliente at the West Alabama Ice House do a mighty fine job of helping. As does a Lankford burger or cheese enchiladas."

Julai Whipple, writer and marketing pro: "I have someone pray over me while I eat special lo mein from 3-6-9."

Jonathan Honefenger, sommelier: "La Guadalupana with a Vampiro, and I bring a side of Underberg."

Hal Brock, craft specialist at Glazer's: "Lobster ramen at Goro & Gun [is a] guaranteed success."

Alexander Gregg, bar manager at Goro & Gun: "Al's Quick Stop for a gyro and coconut water followed by coffee at Double Trouble. Works every time."

Lauren Barrash, owner at The Wave: "Southwell's."
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