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How the Industry Pros Cure Their Hangovers Part One

Dutch Small, founder at Immersioncy PR: "A shot of vodka. And an espresso. Boom."

Sheridan Fay, bartender at El Gran Malo: "El Real for pozole, Soma for black bean ramen, Taqueria Laredo for barbacoa tacos, El Gran Malo for a roasted garlic Bloody Maria."

Crystal Lee, marketing guru at Little Soya: "Michelada and ceviche at Golden Seafood. Michelada and breakfast tacos at La Mexicana. Coconut water, coconut water, coconut water."

Lucrece Borrego, founder at The League of Extraordinary Brewers: "Kickin' Kombucha! Works wonders. And I own a bar, so trust me, I know hangovers."

Erin Hicks, cookbook writer: "Chicken-fried steak at Frank's Americana Revival!"

Robert Harvey, bar manager at upcoming Coltivare: "Shepherd's Pie at Black Lab. Grillades and Grits at BB's. Anything Tex-Mex and greasy, particularly Teotihuacan on Main. But what do I know about hangovers?"
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