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How the Food Writers Cure Their Hangovers

Katharine Shilcutt, features editor at Houstonia: "Menudo, fresh tortillas, and black coffee at La Mexicana. I should mention that La Mex only makes menudo on the weekends. If you've got a hangover on a weekday, I just don't know, man. That's a whole other issue."

Albert Nurick, writer at H-Town Chow Down: "My cure is simple: Drink a big bottle of Gatorade when I get home. Dehydration seems to be a big part of hangovers, and making sure you're well hydrated really helps."

Will Walsh, food writer: "I used to say pho and a Topo Chico, but now I have switched to Hot and Sour Soup and Cold House Noodles at Mala."

Eric Sandler, staff writer at CultureMap: "Can't go wrong with a bowl of pho. Either hit a place like Pho Saigon in the morning to soothe the pounding or try to nip it in the bud with a trip to Pho Binh by Night. As long as someone else is driving, obviously."

Kaitlin Riley, restaurant critic at Houston Press: "Taco Cabana. Five-ounce queso and a dozen tortillas. Not kidding.? You can quote me on that."

Layne Lynch, contributor at Texas Monthly and CultureMap: "Baby Barnaby's!!!"

Phaedra Cook, contributor at My Table and Houston Press: "59 Diner. One egg (your favorite style), refried beans, hash browns (crispy) and Hugo's Sauce. Everything has to be ordered as sides. Please tell them to call it the Chuck & Phaedra when they finally put it on the menu."
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