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How the Chefs Cure Their Hangovers Part Two

Randy Rucker, consulting chef at upcoming El Big Bad: "[I'm] not much of a drinker anymore, but I used to enjoy a bowl of pozole or menudo."

Alvin Schultz, MasterChef alum: "[After a] night of drinking I'm a huge fan of Pho Binh by Night. The No. 1 Special, no tripe, with meatballs, side bone marrow, side tendon. That's my 'proactive hangover cure'. Morning after? Often dim sum at Golden Palace-lots of carbs and tea to soak up the night before."

Roy Shvartzapel, executive chef and partner at upcoming Common Bond: "I love grabbing the Breakfast Sandwich with truffle chips at Max's Wine Dive. I have a real weakness for a well-made breakfast sammie."

Jeff Axline, executive chef at Hotel Zaza: "Pho Ga Dakao off of Bellaire (close to S. Kirkwood) in the international district. Any of their pho dishes (I think they all consist of chicken). I go with the dark meat and throw in Sriracha, tons of jalapeños, basil, and lime juice. It cures everything... I promise."
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