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How the Chefs Cure Their Hangovers Part One

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Matt Marcus, co-owner at Eatsie Boys: "I hit up Xiong's Cafe for a bowl of spicy beef soup and pan-fried dumplings. The soup is rich and refreshing and a perfect stomach liner for drinking more. The dumplings are just the best in town and can't be resisted."

Philippe Gaston, executive chef at Cove: "Eating-wise, Yum Yum Cha. Dim sum is universally the best hangover food! Drinks-wise, Catbirds has killer Bloody Marys or go to Cove and ask for the eight-ounce michelada to be taken in one big gulp."

Joshua Martinez, owner at Goro & Gun: "I go to Tel-Wink Diner and get the pork chop breakfast. Add a side of biscuits and gravy, and your chances for hangover relief are greatly increased."

Jose Hernandez?, owner at La Balance: "La Guadalupana for chilaquiles or machaca with eggs and coffee with cinnamon. Or Taqueria Laredo."

Jason Liao, owner at Preview: "I take a shot of sake."
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