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Poison Girl Owners to Host a Preview of Their New Bar

Little Dipper Storefront
Little Dipper Storefront

Locals have been touting the downtown revitalization for several months now, but it's not legit until the folks behind established Houston spots like Poison Girl, Black Hole and Antidote head to Main Street. The bar and coffee veterans Dawn Callaway, Miriam Carrillo, Scott Repass and Scott Walcott will continue to share their brand of laid-back, serious booze and beer when they open Little Dipper in the weeks to come.

They've developed a reputation for owning the go-to spots to work on a laptop, drink good bourbon or reunite with old friends and co-workers after a shift. It's obivious you're talking to a native Houstonian if he or she has had drinks with the Kool-Aid Man at Poison Girl's patio. It's just that iconic. And in a relatively-newly-extreme culinary town, we need more places that industry insiders want to frequent. Plus it seems natural that they'd open up shop downtown. Between those quaint, old-Houston storefronts that seem perfectly in keeping with that company's retro, laid-back vibe to all of the booming restaurants and bars in that area, bar owners and bartenders will have a new nearby refuge. For a preview of the upcoming downtown bar, head to 304 Main St. this Saturday (October 12), when they'll host a house party of sorts from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.
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Little Dipper

304 Main Street Houston, Texas