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Another Local Spot Not Happy With Texans' Matt Schaub


Okay, we get it. Houston doesn't exactly like Texans quarterback Matt Schaub lately. But that doesn't mean that angry hamburger hoaxes or "not for you, Schaub" bar and restaurant deals are the answer, right? Houston's Kyle Nielsen (aka, @kylejack) Tweeted a pic of another local deal from Houston bar Saint Dane's that posted an anti-Schaub special. They excluded the Texans quarterback from a deal they were offering. While that other "deal" was a hoax, this one definitely seems to be supported by the owners.

Texas Monthly picked up on the pic and collected a number of others who are very upset with our Texans player and with Tony Romo for terrible recent games. Sure, it makes sense (we guess) that some fans would be upest enough to burn Schaub jerseys in the Reliant Stadium lot, but when restaurants get in on the action, it's kind of sad. No one should be denied discounted Houston steak, not even players with dreadful track records.
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