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Chef Confidential

Screen%20shot%202013-11-14%20at%2011.49.01%20AM.pngAmber Ambrose has ten questions for Restaurant Cinq chef German Mosquera, who describes how he can remain vegan while serving up tempting meat dishes. "[Mosquera] is trying to freshen up the menu by putting dishes like Young Goat in Sweet and Salty Preparations - goat short-rib caramels and a shoulder pastrami egg sandwich - alongside stalwarts like Châteaubriand. And he does it all without tasting a single bit of meat or cheese. That's right, Mosquera is a vegan. Recently, the chef talked to us about his favorite food trends, why black garlic is one of his secret weapons in the kitchen and how being a vegan doesn't affect his cooking ability." [Zagat]