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Bingo Night at Hotel Derek; Galveston Food Event

GALVESTON— Thursday (November 21) the Moody Gardens Convention Center will be flooded with Galveston's best restaurant owners, hotel industry players and food lovers. Awards will be given to the best in hospitality, and a few thousand guests will have the chance to enjoy fresh Gulf cuisine. Tickets are $45 at the door, $40 in advance. For more info or to purchase tickets, check out the official site here. [Eaterwire]

FAKERSEater National reports on a fake but oh-so-fancy restaurant where kids can enjoy ball pit seating and beautifully plated Fruit Loops until closing time, which is at curfew. The place is called Lil' Buco—a play on high-end dining establishment Il Buco—and is "located" in Austin. Of course, this spot is non-existent but would be pretty fun if it were real. "The menu — which comes complete with pictures of each dish — includes such items as mac and cheese cake with flavor packet coulis, grilled cheese coins, and the highly conceptual 'cookie unfinished,' all prepared by two chefs and brothers whose resumes includes stints at Chuck E. Cheese's and Dave & Busters." [-EN-]

GALLERIA— While the Heights-area Bingo nights are so popular that crowds have spilled over to downtown's Discovery Green, which hosts the occasional Bingo Night, the best place to play this Thursday (November 21) will be at swanky Galleria-area spot Hotel Derek. The Hotel will unveil its new happy hour menu with this special game night, where guests will enjoy five games of Bingo, a cocktail and bites for $35 per person. More info here. [Eaterwire]