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Meet JCI Grill, the New James Coney Island

After 90 years of being known as James Coney Island, the popular hot dog chain has decided to rebrand as JCI Grill. The Houston Chronicle reports that "eventually all 21 locations of the 90-year-old hot dog will sport the new name. The sign and logo still have the James Coney Island name at the bottom." Whether you like the food at JCI or not, the chain is the most popular place to satisfy a hot dog craving: it's quick, convenient and familiar. So why change the image after so many decades? Apparently, the company wants to be a a "premium, fast-casual" restaurant.

After launching its successful Show Dogs Series, which saw many local esteemed chefs create limited edition gourmet dogs for the chain, JCI has decided it's time for a permanent change. The transition will continue well into 2014, and the menu will expand to include other options. Many locals have already expressed their skepticism about the change, wondering what the new identity will be and the reason for the expensive undertaking. The more important factor to consider is whether the new image will affect the quality of the food, and if the new offerings will prove superior to the salads and burgers that we can already find at other fast-casual restaurants.
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