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Barbecue for a Cause; Mexican Bites at Blacksmith

Gary Wise/Flickr

GARDEN OAKS— The bad boy of barbecue (aren't they all?) John Mueller is coming to Houston for a good deed. Cottonwood will host Q for a Cause II this Saturday (November 23) from noon until 6 p.m. featuring Austin-based Mueller's famous barbecue, some live bands and a silent auction. A nice extra to the addictive John Mueller Meat Co. bites? Cooler temps will make standing around the pit even nicer. The event will go through the day, rain or shine. More info here. [Eaterwire]

VIDEO INTERLUDEEater National shares Stephen Colbert's reenactment of a typical Thanksgiving dinner. "Because television host Stephen Colbert knows he's the thing you're most thankful for, last night he unveiled his Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? It's Me, Stephen Colbert DVD so you can have him at your Thanksgiving table. To get viewers excited about what fun it would be to have Colbert at the holiday table, he acts out his participation in 'insert name family's' Thanksgiving, complete with a turkey and plenty of red wine. Colbert begins by saying grace, giving thanks to Jesus 'for not making us Indians, talk about a rough ride.'" [-EN-]

MONTROSEBlacksmith by Night Episode 8 is this Sunday (November 24) at 5 p.m. featuring Ryan and Elizabeth Kennedy. The menu will feature Mexican bites, and the event is BYOB. [Facebook]