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Good Beaufort Stew in the Heights; Donate Your Time

TASTE THISThe Houston Chronicle's Alison Cook recommends chef Antoine Ware's Beaufort Stew at The General Store in the Heights. "If you like gumbo, I'm betting you'll love this Frogmore/Beaufort variant in its stewy Wareian guise. It was served so hot I had to wait for it to cool down a bit, and the red-pepper quotient warmed me up even more. Somehow the sausage and potato gave the delicately cooked shrimp plenty of wintry substance." [Houston Chronicle]

RECIPROCITYThe New Jersey server who claimed that a couple refused to leave a tip because of her sexual orientation may have been making the whole story up. Eater National reports: "Now, a couple has come forward to tell NBC that not only did they tip Morales, but they have their time-stamped receipt and credit card statement to prove they left an $18 tip on their $93.55 bill. The couple also says that they "have both worked in restaurants and believe in the value of tipping" plus they 'didn't vote for Gov. Chris Christie because the governor doesn't support gay marriage.' The restaurant — who so far has stuck with Morales — would not produce the original receipt for $93.55 for NBC, saying that they are aware of the allegations and that they have no comment 'pending investigations.'" [-EN-]

GIVE BACKHoustonia's Katharine Shilcutt donates her time to The Beacon, a center that feeds the homeless. "The Beacon is currently seeking volunteers, whether once a week or once a month—you can schedule the time at your convenience. This time of year, there's no better way to give thanks for what you have in your life than by giving back." [Houstonia]

Heights General Store [Max Burkhalter/EHOU]