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Meals on Wheels

h-town-streats.jpgHoustonia's Katharine Shilcutt writes about food truck H-Town StrEATs and its consistently good fare. She also gives us the scoop on some upcoming plans from owners Matt Opaleski and Jason Hill. "Sadly, the ever-reliable H-Town StrEATs may soon be joining the ranks of the retired food trucks which have gone brick-and-mortar, such as Eatsie Boys and The Modular. I have it on good authority that Hill and Opaleski are opening a doughnut shop in the same Heights neighborhood which will soon house Fat Cat Creamery's ice cream shop, Hunky Dory, and Foreign Correspondents. While it would be a loss for the food truck scene, I can only imagine the doughnuts that may emerge from Hill and Opaleski's endless wellspring of creative cooking." [Houstonia]