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Del Posto's 100 Layer Lasagne; Onion Rings at Sam's

BURGER WIREZagat's Amber Ambrose heads to Sam's Burgers Fries & Pies, where she enjoys a menu item not in the business' name: onion rings. "The golden hand-battered rings are the stuff that keep connoisseurs of deep-fried delicacies going for days, and the fries are aptly crisp and satisfying." [Zagat]

EATER ELEMENTSEater National takes a close look at Yesterday's 100 Layer Lasagne from Mario Batali's New York City restaurant Del Posto. It was added to the menu in 2009 by executive chef Mark Ladner, who has been tweaking and perfecting it ever since. "The premise is simple: layer deliciously eggy fresh pasta with traditional bolognese made with veal and pancetta, light marinara, and simple besciamella." [-EN-]

SCANDAL WIREThe Houston Press's Kaitlin Steinberg counts down the most offensive culinary scandals of the year. On the list—and not based in Houston, thankfully—is the infamous photo of a rat fetus found in a dish. "In sort of the opposite of a scandal, we discovered that the nasty photo of a rat fetus that had been circulating on the Internet and being credited to restaurants across the country was...(drumroll, please)...not from Houston either. Houston Hip Hop News reported on its Facebook page that the rat fetus was found in some fried rice at Timmy Chan's." [Houston Press]

Sam's [Photo: Facebook]