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Caracol's Menus are Online; Photo Gallery from Fat Cat

Max Burkhalter

GALLERIA— After opening to the public this week, Hugo Ortega's coastal Mexican restaurant Caracol has published its menus online. The Huachinango Zarandeado, a wood-grilled butterflied snapper, is a menu highlight. See a few more shots of the interior here. [Official Site]

MONTROSE— Zagat Houston's Amber Ambrose mentions Roost in a post highlighting some menu items, including that spot's ever-popular cauliflower. "Served in a creamy miso dressing with roasted pine nuts, bonito flakes and scallions. It was only $2 a serving to celebrate their second anniversary. Score! (Also reason to place two orders instead of one - which of course we did.)" [Zagat Houston]

HEIGHTS— After Fat Cat Creamery's brick-and-mortar shop opened to the public last Saturday, The Cats published images of their first guests in. Owner Sarah Johnston told Eater last week that they would be making their first big debut with "no big parties, just a wing and a prayer." [Tumblr]