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What Wine to Buy Now; Rebecca Masson Reaches Goal

Rebecca Masson
Rebecca Masson
Photo: Kickstarter/Official Site

VICTORY WIRE— Self-proclaimed Sugar Hooker and Eater-awarded Pastry Chef of 2013 Rebecca Masson has reached her Kickstarter goal, which means that we'll have a permanent Fluff Bake Bar to visit for fluffernutters and salted caramel desserts. Masson will be opening her bakery-meets-bar sometime next year; there she'll sell her famous baked sweet treats alongside local craft brews. Check out the Eater story on her road to Kickstarter journey here. [Eaterwire]

LISTICLESThe Houston Press' Jeremy Parzen counts down family-appropriate wines for the holidays in this post. "As for many American families, Christmas isn't the occasion for breaking out my ten-year-old Nebbiolo or the single-vineyard Burgundy I've been saving. No, it's time for value and crowd pleasers. No meditation wines here, ma'am, just some good ol' reliable grape wine." [Houston Press]

LISTICLESHoustonia's Katharine Shilcutt visits Jollibee and says that it might be a good gateway into Filipino fare for those less adventurous diners. "I can easily imagine people wandering into the otherwise non-descript burger joint daily, only realizing later they've actually just ordered and enjoyed Filipino fast food (Americanized though it may be)." [Houstonia]