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The Falliday Leftover Throwdown's Best Dishes

Photos: Jay Tovar

This past Thanksgiving, chefs from 18 Houston restaurants competed in the The Falliday Leftover Throwdown. They had to make creative dishes comprised of mostly traditional Thanksgiving fare, with the proceeds benefitting The Orange Show. The Judge's pick for the winning chef was Michael Castillo from Uchi, who made Torched Sweet Potato Balls, starchy and savory spheres in a sauce of mulled wine. The crowd's pick was chef JD Woodward from Goro & Gun, who made a gumbo of turkey meat, rice, chives and topped with a large piece of fried pork crackling. (The crowd favorite had to be decided with a coin flip after Underbelly and Goro & Gun tied.) Also on the menu was a chili (more of a mole) from El Big Bad, a cheesy biscuit from Lowbrow, a turkey banh mi from Boheme, a pumpkin pie dessert from Prego, an ice cream and pie shake from the Eatsie Boys Cafe, tamales from Beaver's, Korean seafood pancake from Underbelly, Shepherd's Pie from Batanga, dumplings from Phoenicia, pumpkin pie shake from Triniti, stuffing ice cream with pickled cranberries topped with a crispy turkey skin crumble from Roost and several more dishes from other Houston establishments. Check out the photo gallery to see all of the inspired leftover dishes.

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