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Opening Report

elbigbad.jpgEl Big Bad opens softly this week, and this massive 10,000-square-foot space will allow for much more infused tequila variations and an expansive menu.The Houston Chronicle's Greg Morago has more: "The food menu, conceived by consulting chef Randy Rucker (formerly of Rainbow Lodge and Bootsie's Heritage Café), is being executed by executive chef Ben Rabbini whose resume includes Rainbow Lodge, Stella Sola and working under Rucker at Bootsie's. The menu offers chicharrones, guacamole, duck empanadas, queso fundido, campechana, blue crab tostadas, a "michelada-style" Caesar salad, and pozole verde made with chicken, pork, hominy and tomatillos." Check back here for a full gallery of the exterior soon. [Houston Chronicle]