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Most Overrated Cities; Gumbo Smackdown

Photo: Gary Wise/Flickr

MONTROSE— The Houston Press' Molly Dunn snacks on grasshoppers at Hugo's: "Just as I expected, the bowl of chapulines literally looked like a bowl of bugs, but the additions of sauteed onions and wilted greens made it more of a "dish" in my opinion. We asked our waiter the proper way to enjoy the grasshoppers, and he informed us "by the spoonful" was his preferred method." [Houston Press]

YEAR IN EATER— Eater National compiled a list profiling the most overrated dining scenes from across the country, according to the experts. Eater Editorial Director Amanda Kludt mentions our town favorably: "I adored the London and Mexico City and Vancouver dining scenes this year. And Houston was everything it was hyped up to be. Even as a Williamsburg booster, I can admit that the dining scene in Brooklyn in general is not as wonderful as many make it out to be. Toronto didn't do it for me, but no one promised it would." [-EN-]

HEIGHTS— Head to the Houstonia Magazine house on Jan. 11 for a competition that ends in a belly full of gumbo and some tailgating fun. The Ultimate Saturday Tailgate & Gumbo Smackdown will be from noon to 5 p.m. Buy tickets here. [Houstonia]