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Thai Pop-Up at D&T Drive Inn; Mystery Tipper

HEIGHTS— Since the last Foreign Correspondents preview dinner was so successful, there will be a second Thai pop-up this weekend. Late Night Noodles is the follow-up to the Midnight Sticky Rice event, and will feature chef PJ Stoops' Northern Thai noodle dish, Khao Soi in two versions as well as Thai Satay. He will also be offering "Muu Satay, grilled pork skewers, served with a peanut sauce and quick pickled cucumbers and carrots for $7." The event begins at 8 p.m. tomorrow (December 7) at D&T Drive Inn. More info here. [Facebook]

LISTICLESThe Houston Press counts down ten food lovers gifts to buy for pets. On the list is a stainless steel drink fountain: "Water isn't usually considered a luxury drink, but earlier this year a bar in L.A. began offering 45 different kinds of water to discerning customers. And it wasn't a joke. Why should your pets have anything less? Pioneer Pet makes a variety of stainless steel drinking fountains that constantly circulate and filter water for the freshest, cleanest sips. Never mind that your cat would probably rather drink out of the toilet." [Houston Press]

RECEIPT WIREThe mystery tipster who keeps leaving massive tips at restaurants strikes again. Eater National reports: "Eater NY confirms that the anonymous tipper — who has left thousands of dollars in tips across the country — did indeed tip big to the tune of $3,500 at the Lincoln Center location of The Smith in NYC last night, posting the above photo to the @TipsForJesus Instagram account. This is the first time TipsForJesus has posted from the East Coast." [-EN-]

D&T Drive Inn [Photo: Facebook]