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Stupid Linkbait; Hay Merchant Turns One

MONTROSE— This post looks back on craft beer Mecca Hay Merchant's first year in business from the various local and national honors it has earned to the procedures it has in place to keep beer nerds happy. The bar will tap 30 special kegs starting at 3:00 p.m. on Friday to celebrate. [CultureMap]

LISTICLES— Don't click this link in which Houston ranks as the tenth least romantic city in America. The criteria are stupid, and it will only make you angry. Just be glad you don't live in Indianapolis, which came in first. [Movoto]

INTERVIEWIn this interview, local baker Jody Stevens discusses the ways she's built her business jodycakes into Houston's go-to source for vegan and gluten free cakes. As for what she'd be dong if she weren't baking, "Besides travel the world, I am doing what I want to do. This was my calling." [Eating Our Words]

Hay Merchant [Gary R Wise]