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Uchi and Oxheart Make Richman's Top 12 of 2013

Candace Garcia/Flickr

Describing Houston as "becoming the most electrifying food destination in America" GQ's Alan Richman included both Uchi and Oxheart in his list of the 12 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2013; they placed fifth and seventh, respectively. Houston and Brooklyn are the only two cities that each earn two spots on the list, which equals the number awarded to the entire state of California. Washington D.C. Thai restaurant Little Serow took the top spot.

Praising the way Uchi combines fish and fruit, Richman writes "if you've been bored by sashimi, you won't be here." Turning to Oxheart, Richman compares the restaurant's exterior to the Alamo before concluding "if you love vegetables and pastries, this is a meal not to miss."

It's more of the same for the two restaurants that have each earned four star reviews from Houston Chronicle restaurant reviewer Alison Cook, been ranked among the best new restaurants in Houston by both Cook and Houston Press critic Katharine Shilcutt and earned national recognition from Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton. Now to see if 2013 can match 2012's excitement in terms of openings.

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Oxheart Restaurant

1302 Nance Street, Houston, TX 77002 832-830-8592