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Steakhouse La Casa Del Caballo Now Open in Montrose

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La Casa Del Caballo opened to the public last night. The restaurant is the only steakhouse in Montrose, depending on how one feels about whether rodizio restaurant Nelore is a steakhouse. Despite some fears that it occupies a jinxed location due to already housing three previous tenants, this sister restaurant to a location in Saltillo, Mexico offers an impressive menu of traditional steakhouse dishes and Mexican-style entrees. That means diners can choose from both a 24oz USDA Prime ribeye and sauteed snapper served over Mexican rice. One unusual twist are the three pound top sirloin and four pound ribeye cap that are designed to feed groups of four to six.

La Casa Del Caballo continues the trend of restaurateurs coming to Houston either for second locations, as in Uchi, or for new projects, as with fellow Mexican Aquiles Chavez of La Fisheria. Another trend for 2013 is the reemergence of steakhouses; LCDC may be the first to open this year, but it will soon be joined by Del Frisco's Grille, CK Steakhouse and others.

The full press release and opening menu are below.

Some might say Houston needs another steak house restaurant like it needs another Mexican restaurant. Wonder what they would say to a new restaurant that is both?

Welcome La Casa del Caballo, a fine Mexican steak house with a passion for fire-seared beef and a love for traditional dishes from the heart of northern Mexico. The restaurant opens tonight, Feb. 18, at 5 p.m.

Located at 322 Westheimer, former home of the legendary La Strada, La Casa del Caballo is the creation of Mexican-native Carlos Abedrop, who for nearly a decade has owned the most internationally popular steak restaurant in Saltillo, Mexico. That steakhouse, La Casa Del Caballo, opened in a converted ranch house in 2003 with businessman-turned-grill master Abedrop commanding the stoves and wood-fired grills and remains the go-to restaurant for Saltillo residents as well as for business people from all over the world.

With encouragement from his wife, Vanessa, a Houston native, and visiting Houstonians in Saltillo, Abedrop has created La Casa del Caballo to replicate the food, service, hospitality and ambience of the original in the heart of the Bayou City's culinary district.

It is the first of its kind in quality and heritage here, although Abedrop is the first to declare he is not inventing anything new or pushing the envelope with exotic recipes and secret rubs. If there are any secrets at all they come from a passion for fine steaks and a generosity for making customers feel like guests.

Beef is king at La Casa del Caballo.

One of the attractions on coming to Houston was the ready availability of quality meat and produce. His generous, thick steaks are hand cut Angus, and with a minimum of seasoning they are roasted over a wood-fired grill. Before they every reach that grill, however, they have been selected by Abedrop, who has specified how they are to be aged, cut and packed. Two key ingredients early on are time and patience.

For diversity, La Casa del Caballo offers its beef in many ways. In fact, one of the attractions of returning often is discovering the daily cut, an ever-changing special that demonstrates the variety of beef cuts and the way they can be prepared.

Other meats at La Casa del Caballo – also prepared over the wood-burning grill – include fish, chicken, pork, lamb and veal.

Of course, with Abedrop's long familial roots in northern Mexico, his kitchen comes with an invaluable cache of family recipes, some going back many generations, and as any good host would, he has no qualms sharing those dishes with his guests.

From simple sides of beans (made the old way with a flavorful dollop of lard) to kitchen made salsas, the flavors come with a taste of history and passion.

Lovers of traditional Mexican food will find themselves perusing a menu of such dinners like Enchiladas with a Sauce of Five Peppers, Tacos with Stewed Pork and Quesadillas with Traditional Mexican Cheese. There are also soups and salads – one served with an impressive jalapeno bacon.

Desserts are no afterthought. An impressive choice of flourless pecan cake, rich flan, even richer rum cake. All desserts come with a small bowl of the Abedrop family rice pudding.

An extensive bar – covered in thick stitched leather - provides a menu of cocktails both domestic and international.

While making some operational tweaks to fit the new market, La Casa del Caballo replicates the best of its Saltillo sister. Combining both rustic and industrial touches in the décor, Abedrop insists people coming to the restaurant feel the same warmth and comfort they'd feel arriving as guests to his own home – a home where he'll still be preparing food the way he's become so popular preparing it.

The interior is cozy and welcoming, with leathers, dark woods and rustic furniture, but there is also a lighter touch with hammered metal, industrial lighting and flooring and colorful fabrics. Highlighting the room is the back lit bar with plenty of bar seating. For dining, there are booths for privacy and tables.

The restaurant also has private rooms, including one upstairs which will accommodate about 100 people.

La Casa del Caballo is located at 322 Westheimer at Taft (formerly La Strada). The restaurant will be open for dinner only, 5-11 p.m. Monday through Saturday, until mid-March when lunch and Sunday brunch will be added. For reservations and information call 832-623-6467 or visit

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La Casa del Caballo

322 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006 832-623-6467

La Casa Del Caballo

322 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77006