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A Look Inside 8th Wonder, the Eatsie Boys' New Brewery

[Gary R Wise]

Having successfully launched their new cafe, the Eatsie Boys are now ready to unleash their 8th Wonder Brewery upon Houston. Co-owner Ryan Soroka and brewmaster Aaron Corsi led a tour of the EaDo warehouse that houses 8th Wonder's brewing equipment. Currently, 20 barrels each of their three signature beers are finishing in fermenters and should start showing up in Houston bars in the next two to three weeks. Since they are self-distributing and still assessing demand, expect to find 8th Wonder beers in a dozen or so bars initially, but they can expand quickly if the demand is there.

Both Soroka and Corsi are extremely proud of the facility. Soroka estimates that Corsi and co-owner Alex Vassilakidis have spent "95% of the past six months" building out the space, including installing the "Rolls Royce of glycol systems" to keep all the liquids cool. There are two 20 barrel and one 40 barrel fermentation tank, which regulates the brewery's capacity.

Thanks to its proximity to both the Dynamo and Astros stadiums, Soroka says he anticipates the brewery will be a "pre-game spot" where fans came come, get some food from the Eatsie Boys or other food trucks and have a beer. The brewery is ready for visitors thanks to the picnic tables next to the fermentation tanks, although bringing a chair might be required as visitors discover the brewery and soak up the available seating. Corsi's even become an ordained minister and hopes that an appropriately beer-obsessed couple will let him perform a wedding ceremony in the brewery; guests can toss grain instead of rice.

8th Wonder will be a draft-only offering for the first year or so, but Soroka said he hopes to starting canning. He calls cans the "superior" method for preserving a beer's flavor by keeping light out and notes changes in canning technology have made concerns about flavor obsolete.

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