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Rejoice! Pizza Returns to Boheme

Until Boheme builds a new kitchen, the pizzas come from this food truck
Until Boheme builds a new kitchen, the pizzas come from this food truck

And, lo, there was pizza at Boheme, and the patrons rejoiced. But the pizzas ran afoul of the City of Houston Health Department due to the absence of a grease trap, and the Health Department did, in its fury, smite the pizza and tell Boheme, that shalt not serve food in this establishment. And then there were food trucks and burgers, but still, the people cried out for pizzas! And God (or the deity of your choice) in Her wisdom sent Dutch Small to deliver the people from their bondage and restore the pizzas. And God smiled on Dutch, and sent him chef Rishi Singh. Yea, verily, there shall be pizzas at Boheme once more. And the people rejoiced, for they tried the pizzas, and they were good.

The signature pizza of the new menu iss The Dutchie, named after man about town Dutch Small. Created by Ghetto Dinner co-conspirator Will Walsh, it features Sriracha and panchetta on a lavash crust. That crust and the Muhammara sauce in place of traditional pizza sauce skew Boheme's pizza more towards the Middle Eastern-inspired flatbread end of the spectrum, but the genre-hopping menu isn't much for labels. Priced around $15, they're easy to share and a good accompany to Boheme's selection of potables.

Celebrate the return of pizzas this Wednesday starting at 7:00 p.m. Diners who buy a Dutchie will get a can of Karbach Hopadillo to help ease the Sriracha heat.

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Boheme Cafe and Wine Bar

307 Fairview, Houston, TX 77006