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Notable Quotable

In this interview, Cove chef Philippe Gaston discusses why he thinks there are so few raw bars in Houston:

I hate to bring it up, but there is also this conception that Texans don't want to eat raw food. However, I think people are beginning to become more open to the idea of eating this kind of food, and I hope with more education that Houston diners will be more willing to try these dishes and not be so scared. I've had some people mention the oil spill in the Gulf and ask why in the world we're making raw fish right now, and I have to emphasize that our proteins don't necessarily come from the Gulf and that the fish from the Gulf aren't necessarily bad either.

People need to be reassured and educated about the quality of raw food available to us, and I think people like Bryan Caswell are trying to bring that change to the table in Houston. If that happens, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see raw bars popping up left and right all over the city.


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