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Fat Cat Creamery to Open Heights Ice Cream Shop

In a press release issued this morning, Fat Cat Creamery owner Sarah Johnston announced her plans to open an ice cream parlor in the Heights. Fat Cat currently supplies ice cream to retail outlets such as Revival Market and Relish Fine Foods, but the new shop will allow for a dramatic increase in the variety of flavors and styles on offer. The shop will be located in a multi-tenant facility at 1901 Shepherd, with a door facing 19th Street between Shepherd and Durham.

In addition to having 8 to 10 flavors of ice cream available, including one vegan offering at all times, Fat Cat will also serve sundaes, shakes and novelties such as push-up pops. "Most importantly, we will continue our commitment to local ingredients. We will still use Mill-King whole milk and heavy cream and will still get our eggs from local egg farmers, including The Barry Farm," said Johnston, "we will just need a lot more of them."

With the recent addition of the Eatsie Boys Cafe that serves its own small batch, premium ice cream and former Kata Robata pastry chef Chris Leung's Cloud10 Creamery set to open this spring, the number of places in Houston to get really great ice cream has increased. Expect much more about Fat Cat Creamery as it preps for a June opening.

· Fat Cat Creamery Opens Ice Cream Parlor in Houston Heights [Fat Cat Creamery/tumblr]

[Fat Cat Creamery/Facebook]

Fat Cat Creamery

1901 N Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77008

Fat Cat Creamery

1901 N. Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77008