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Provisions, La Macro and More

The communal table at Provisions
The communal table at Provisions
Gary R Wise

Despite occasional misses, Press critic Katharine Shilcutt thoroughly enjoys Provisions, the casual half of The Pass & Provisions. "The food here is definitely "something new" by Houston standards, although novelty isn't attractive in and of itself — at least not for long. Where Gallivan and Siegel-Gardner really succeed is in keeping the food fun while keeping the flavors accessible, all the while displaying a Sinatra-like devotion to doing things their way. " [Houston Press]

Chronicle restaurant reviewer Alison Cook writes that diners will come for the trompo but stay for the mole at Taqueria La Macro just north of downtown. "Each bite seemed more interesting than the last on the two occasions I sampled this mole, so pure and elemental that even wrapping the meat and sauce in a little corn tortilla seems like a mistake that will blur the effect. Sitting in the sunshine on La Macro's front dining deck, with a view of Houston's skyscrapers and Chuy's Doggy Day Spa, I realized I had eaten one of the finest dishes in the city - in a restaurant where everything costs less than $10." [Houston Chronicle]

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The Pass & Provisions

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